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Powder mixing

RoboPharma have developed powder mixers that excludes human error in powder mixing.
The mixer improves safety and efficiency making 'personalised medicine' more accessible.


Pharmacy in the Netherlands is on a high level, but at the same time it has switched to what the industry has to offer. Personal precriptions are still available, but the need for special skills and knowledge has resulted in the creation of special pharmacies. One of these special pharmacies is the 'NatuurApotheek', set up by Charles Wauters.


At the NatuurApotheek in the Netherlands hundreds of prescriptions are made every day. No pre-packed medicines are used. To make personalised medicine’, not only in TCM, but also in Western natural medical science more professional, Wauters developed a powder mixing robot.


The powder mixing robot is identified as a key factor for optimisation and modernisation of TCM:  the Robot is capable of producing hundreds of prescriptions per day. Each formula consists of 3 to 18 ingredients. The MixRobot contains hundreds of ingredients, all with their own unique location. After it takes out the right size bottle, it places it in the weighing device and calculates the most effecient way to the ingredients. After completing the prescription, the bottle is placed in a bucket and the order is complete.


The major advantages of the powder mixers are:


- It excludes human error by using a barcode system to check all ingredients.

- It improves efficiency and precision by working faster and with a more acurate weighing system than possible by humans.



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